TAPU | Title deed

The main document of ownership of property of Turkey is TAPU (The certificate on the property right). TAPU is given after military department of the country and cadastral committee will confirm the right of the foreign citizen to purchase of property. The introduction of the new law about purchases of property by the foreign citizens came into force 14.08.2012, terms obtaining these documents were reduced till 1,5 - 2 months. TAPU registration addressed to the new owner takes only one day - after obtaining necessary permissions and payment in full of cost of property.

1 . The address of the land on which there is an acquired property
2 . The photo of a passport format (2 colour photos are required at registration)
3 . Information about registration of the land plot in cadastral management
4 . Condition of the land plot (from information in cadastral management)
5 . The area of the earth belonging to a new owner (in proportion to the size of the acquired property)
6 . Condition of property belonging to the new owner (type of property)
7 . The cost of the purchased property
8 . Information about the previous owner (-s)
9 . Information about the new owner (-s)
10 . Date of purchasing of this property by previous owner
11 . Number of TAPU at registration of the previous owner (changes at each transfer of rights of property)
12 . Registration data of the new document TAPU
13 . Date of purchasing of this property by new owner
14 . Authorized signature and press of cadastral management.